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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Basstown Presents: Make It New ... Above + Beyond

Happy New Year to all. Continuing on with the Gauche Oughties of this decade, 2008 was rung in for Basstown at Great Scott with the Campaign For Real-Time, Provocateur, and MicL PtVN (from the Campaign and Fantasy Mirrors, formerly known as Cassette). The night was sold out by 11pm, and the inside was reminiscent of the sold out residency we had for All Together Now just two days earlier!

Make It New, in the meantime, is evolving once again after just having celebrated its 3 year anniversary. With resident Alan Manzi staying on board along with Hearthrob's Baltimoroder, Basstown has partnered with the night to bring new residents to the board: Baldur a.k.a. DJezus, Volvox, and DJ Die Young.

Make It New is an institution -- from international guests like Isolee, Sasse and Alex Smoke alongside domestic stars like Juan Maclean, Metro Area and Jackmaster Flash, the Thursday night in Cambridge remains the place to hear the latest euro-house and tech-funk sounds. Coming back on board is one-time resident David Day, who, in addition to making an electronic music documentary (SpeakingInCode) now works for the Weekly Dig. Resident and founder Billy Kiely is hanging up his headphones for a spell, but rest assured the beloved South Boston native will continue making appearances. The night was also founded by NYC native Mike Uzzi (Unlocked Groove).

To stimulate your new year's, DJ Die Young and Volvox have teamed up make this excellent mix for Make It New...a way to glimpse into the future of the night, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead to keep all DJs involved on top of their game. As the scene continues to grow and prosper in Boston, we couldn't be happier to bring you the newest, freshest and most innovative in techno.

1. Dapayk & Padberg - Black Beauty
2. Elektrochemie - No. 19
3. Dubfire - I Feel Speed (Audion Remix)
4. Namito,Eyerer - Quipa
5. Adam Beyer - China Girl
6. Oxia - 12 Years Later
7. Cirez D - Teaser (Oliver Huntemann Remix)
8. Mr. Noize - Diplomatic
9. Mark Broom - Ping Pong
10. Oliver Huntemann - Zum Goldenen Handschuh
11. Rainer Weichhold - Bamboo
12. Popof - My Toyz
13. Markus Lange - Perihelion (Julian Jeweil Remix)
14. Shackleton - Blood on My Hands (Villalobos Remix)
15. Julian Jewil - Air Conditionne
16. Annie - Heartbeat (The Field Remix)
17. Panda Bear - Bros

Audible: DJ Die Young + Volvox - Make It New Mix 2008
MySpace: Make It New

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