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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tonight's The Night

Now that the holidays are over with family QT and overdone meals, citizens of Basstown have been filing back to their home city to get back on the dance floor. After a wonderful Make It New with resident Alan Manzi on Thursday night, and Red Foxx DJing hip-hop last night at Middlesex Lounge, we're warmed up and ready for MICHELLE.

Aside from the big Patriot's game tonight (which will be viewable at Great Scott) where the New England team attempts to break an all-time record, many of our friends from Paper, Happy Endings, Hearthrob, and Todo Mundo will join us alongside residents Etan and DJ Die Young to present Brooklyn's Kingdom (DJ/producer) and Michelle, whose bio goes as...

God brought us together. It's true. Best friends met (mostly on the dance floor) got wild and Oh My God Michelle was born. The friends had a concept for a sound they felt was missing. Eventually we sweat one of Helen's favorite local DJ/Producers, Kingdom and GRRRLLLL BOOM, You Don't Know Michelle. Alisa aka Christmas: A tall glass of gay, consisitng of magic, mania, and miso. This Girl/boy wonder has been representin OG tripple OG M'chelly in upstate since '89. Chaydha aka lil' man: So little and sweet, she'll creep a freak. Raised in North Carolina, this country girl be keepin' it crunk. Helen: Is from the Midwest and is fixated with all things Southern; fashion, church, Grannies, and music. Melanie aka Cocoa Slim: Part purple layer cake part cyborg, all gay all the time. Solid gold son. Tami: Born in Georgetown, raised in Queens, NY. All I have to say is "black girls rule...especially queer ones...son". Everyone sings, rhymes and writes.

All we can tell you is that we CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Not only have we brought you one of the most exciting headliners in the last few months, but we'll be joined by our friends from all around the city's scenes.

RSVP Here: Going.com

MySpace: Kingdom
MySpace: Michelle
Audible: Michelle - "You Don't Know Michelle" (zShare)
Audible: Kingdom - "Dance It Off (feat. Melissa Burns + Telfar)" (zShare)
Audible: Kingdom - "Jump Up Step Back" (zShare)

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