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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Local Voices: PLUS MOVE

PLUS MOVE is more than just the most blogged-about electronic duo in Boston, they are a truly progressive musical force that plans on taking over your next party's stereo/dj's setlist. While many highly blogged artists tend to find reassurance in the Blog-House or "Blouse" formula of sidechain compressed and sampling rate deteriorated cut-and-paste electro, these dudes have taste and don't plan on just making shit to make blogs happy. Luckily we have em calling Allston home and they are finally coming back out of their cave to play their newest tracks and shake up some Boston dancefloors. I was lucky enough to talk to them this week.

-while it's set in stone you're called producers in the studio, what would you call yourselves on the stage? [do you have a name for the blurring between djing and live performance?]

[PM]-As soon as we release our first EP we will be PLUS MOVE LIVE. We will be playing all of our material, including remix work and original songs.

-speaking of things demanding a proper name, what exactly do you call the genre of music you create and play? [people throw around blog house, blouse, blog electro, neu rave, TRONSTEP, etc...]

[PM] We have no idea what to call the type of music we make.

-how do you feel about the music blog movement and what its done for you? i did a search for you on elbo.ws and it returned 29 mp3 posts by seperate blogs about you guys.

[PM] Blogs have done a lot for us. They're an easy way to reach your audience directly. It's because of them that we are listening to so many different artists.

-how did you get into electronic music?

[PM] Daft Punk

-what artists influence you most?

[PM] SebastiAn

-who are you listening to right now?

[PM] Danger, Curtis Mayfield, a lot of hip hop

-so whats the deal with the new ep? when is it coming out? whats on it? any label talk? [ill probly be asking you alot more depending on your answer to this]

[PM] Soon.

well they may be be short-spoken, but if you are wondering when you can check them out,
dont miss Noise Makers 1 over at All Asia Cafe tonite in Cambridge TONIITE 12/20
and definately dont skip out on BASSTOWN at GREAT SCOTT where they will be killing it
alongside PASSION PIT and DJ CHOYCE HACKS on 12/26!!!

heres there remix they recently finished just for you.
Ocelot - La Sforzo (PLUS MOVE REMIX)

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