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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Basstown = Ninjaz

Basstown was given a mighty test when we were contacted by Great Scott on Wednesday with a suddenly-open slot for the upcoming Saturday. It wasn't until Thursday night, when we were all running out the door to get to the soft re-launch of Make It New (with Basstown's DJ Die Young as a new resident) that the line up was in place. Like ninjas in the night, we were ready to unleash a sneak attack upon Boston.

Mistaker took the reins on this one, and you've got to hand it to him for his intense Photoshop skills. Two moar plz. Bringing in Rok One from NYC's Bangers, the night actually went off really well considering everyone was in Go Pats! mode and our friends at Happy Endings had a line that went around the block...

Mistaker @ Sneak Attack, Great Scott

In addition to our growing residency (the last Saturday of every month at Great Scott), our new partnering with Make It New, the long-running upscale techno night in Cambridge, and our co-presentation of Thunderdome alongside PUMA, we at Basstown are all smiles to see that, more than anything, we can put together a party on such short notice and still see plenty of heads come out to dance. Photos coming soon from the lovely Diana Levine at davidalavida.com - be sure to check out some of her past shots from Thunderdome IX and other events.

All always, thank you Boston. We love you!

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