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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Remix Contest: Sasha...no, yeah, THAT Sasha...

A week or two ago, DJ Die Young told me that Sasha's new track is good stuff...that if people didn't know it was from him, it would probably be much bigger. Even for me, it took a moment for the whole Sasche Funke? "No, Sasha...." Like...Digw-- "Sasha-And-Digweed Sasha..." Oh...ohhh. Really? Hmm...

Nevertheless, finally got around to listening to it today, and it's actually quite good.

Coming out on his own label, emFire, he's teamed up with Beatportal to find a producer worthy to remix his new single, "The Mongoose." Says Beatportal: "What’s more the remix competition is open to producers from all genres – Sasha’s looking for innovative, cutting-edge and thought-provoking mixes of his track." Here here!

As well as having their remix released on Sasha’s emFire, the winner will also receive a copy of Ableton Live 7 and will be interviewed by Beatportal.

And the two runners-up will receive Beatport download credits, a copy of Ableton Live 6 LE, and some Beatport gear.


Beatportal Contest: Mongoose Remix
Pre-Sale: The Mongoose
MySpace: Sasha


mkb said...

you have to pay to enter? WEAAAAAAAAAAAK

direcx 9 shaders said...
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