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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dopamine Records @ CMJ - Tonight!

Tonight, our beloved Dopamine Records - now home to DJ Die Young of Basstown and Baltimoroder of Hearthrob - has its CMJ showcase. For all of you beloved Bostonians that want a taste of home, you can get your Make It New fix here annnnnd here...

2 spots​.​
1 night.​

9pm-12am @ alpha​beta (70 green​point​ ave, green​point​,​ brook​lyn)​
Hooray For Earth 9-9:35
Paul Holmes and The Patients 9:50-10:25
Pacific Theater 10:40-11:15
Zambri 11:30-12:05

12am-??am @ lost and found​ (113 frank​lin stree​t,​ green​point​,​ brook​lyn)​
Jubilee (Modular, Trash Menagerie, Nightshifters)
DJ Die Young

From 6pm-9pm @ Alphabeta there will be a book signing with fun free drinks with Martha Cooper
Hooray For Earth 9-9:35
Paul Holmes and The Patients 9:50-10:25
Pacific Theater 10:40-11:15
Zambri 11:30-12:05

Audible: Hooray For Earth - Cellphone (dj die young remix)
Audible: The Replacements - Talent Show (dj die young screwed remix)
Website: Dopamine Records

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Etan/Passion Pit @ CMJ

Basstown loves Etan. His talent and personality are inspiring to us all, and we're happy that he's jumped on the Passion Pit bus as their drummer. This year, he's clocked in about nine bookings (and growing!) at CMJ. Here are some highlights:

Tuesday, 10/21
(Passion Pit) 10pm @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
(DJ Etan) 2:30am @ Santos
Wednesday, 10/22
(DJ Etan) @ Bar 13
Thursday, 10/23
(Passion Pit) 4pm @ Fader Lounge
(Passion Pit) 9pm @ Club NME
Friday, 10/24
(Passion Pit) 4pm @ Piano's (Planetary Group's CMJ party - Boston reprazent!)
(DJ Etan) 11pm @ Fontana's
Saturday, 10/25
(Passion Pit)6pm @ Brooklyn Yard

MySpace: DJ Etan

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This mix is fucking great

Berlin is fucking great


Farley Jackmaster Funk - You Ain't Really Acieed (Acieed Mix) (1989)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Raven Disturbs and Delights the Middlesex

After the Red Sox caused a cacophony of screams and hugs within the Middlesex Lounge, the environment at Make It New shifted into a pure celebration mode. Baltimoroder and DJ Die Young manned the decks all night, and it was during a peak that DY threw out "Raven," a track that hasn't been played out nearly enough. Dark, heavy and pulsing, Baltimoroder calls The Proxy "that Russian guy that everyone loves." It's hard to explain how such a wide variety of techno heads can take to a version of electronic that is so blatantly rooted in horror, goth and industrial subculture, but the general cross-over appeal is as obvious as the mass-army marching chant that leads the track through most of its choruses.

File under...music to go apeshit to...

MySpace: The Proxy

Saturday, October 11, 2008

SOLID! Is Solid

When something is considered a bit of a hidden gem - especially a recurring event in a room with a 59 person capacity - it might be best to keep it mums. The beauty of SOLID! is that it will probably never lose its balance. Not for tourists, this little restaurant packed tightly between the Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs becomes a showcase for some of the best electronic music on Friday nights. Run by Sean Quinn, who also heads Soul Touch @ Zuzu and is a generally well-known and liked guy around Boston, DJ Die Young (Basstown) and Baltimoroder (Hearthrob) joined forces to take over most SOLID! nights since last summer.

The beauty about this night is that 90% (might be a stretch) of the people there don't listen to electronic music. They don't seek out Hearthrob, Rise, Make It New, Circus and other nights. They are most likely devoted Cantabrigians. They do, however, get to experience electro and techno at some of its finest when Baltimoroder and Die Young are together. Their chemistry is top notch, and for an intimate night for only $3, you can't really go wrong.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jan Krueger (Berlin) @ Make It New, this Thursday

This Thursday, Berlin-based Jan Krueger debuts in Boston at Make It New, and following the excellent guests the Thursday night has had this summer, it will be quite a closing. Re-entering the residents season, Krueger pulls us into a dark, pure corner of Berlin techno with his recorded sets featured below, and you can be sure to find more of it at the Middlesex Lounge on the 9th. The Bunker mp3 is top notch!

[Editor's Note: Jan Krueger has got to be THE nicest DJ any of us has ever booked ever in the history of everyone. Thanks Jan!]

Audible: Jan Krueger @ Bunker
Audible: Jan Krueger - Ibiza Voice Podcast
Facebook: Event Page
Legible: Background on Jan