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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flax : A Heart-Healthy Addition To Your Musical Diet

Lauren Flax may not live in Boston, but the DJs up here love her equally for her personality and mixes. This March, IHEARTCOMIX - the pioneering label from friends DJ Franki Chan and Travis Hayden - releases the HEARTSREVOLUTION 12" for CYOA! or "Choose Your Own Adventure."

HEARTSREVOLUTION are the musical entity from the people who created the Heartschallenger Ice Cream Truck and Lifestyle brand, Lo and Ben. Sonically they sound somewhere in between HuggyBear and 'The Virgin Suicides' soundtrack by Air. They've already released 2 limited edition pieces of vinyl. First, was the CYOA! single on white heart-shaped vinyl and the 2nd was a 6" glow-in-the-dark split record w/ Crystal Castles. They already have a video for their single 'CYOA' which has garnered over 270,000 views on youtube. Hearts are also RVCA advocates this year and have a full line of merch sold online and exclusively from their ice cream trucks. IHEARTCOMIX will be releasing their CYOA! remix 12" at the beginning of March. The single contains remixes by Brodinski, Lazaro Casanova, CFCF, Lauren Flax and Dan Oh.

(Just) Before They Were Rockstars: Hearthrob + Lauren Flax

We absolutely love the CYOA! remix, and I've personally played it on repeat more than I'm willing to share. Also here is the "Let's All Feel Good" mix, from late December. The tracklist is:
1) Sunday Brunch - Midsummer Night (original mix) / SVEK
2) Blaze - Lovelee Dae (20:20 vision main mix) / Playhouse
3) Mood II Swing - All Night Long / Groove On
4) Isolee - Monitor / Playhouse
5) Lego - El Ritmo De Verdad / Afterhours
6) Cajmere - Chit Chat / Clubhouse Records


Audible: HEARTSREVOLUTION - "CYOA! (Lauren Flax String Theory Remix)"
Audible: Lauren Flax - Let's All Feel Good Mix (zShare)
MySpace: Lauren Flax

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