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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Angel Alanis + Local Hero = Hearthrob's Climax

Morgan Louis

Morgan Louis' set at Hearthrob last night was one for the books. Stuff of legend, perhaps. Everyone was at their boiling point, and the absolute climax of his part was a track from Angel Alanis + Local Hero (a friend of ML and Red Foxx, who also runs the blog Trash Menagerie). Most of us had never heard the song before, though Louis had spun it at both the last Hearthrob as well as the last Thunderdome with DJ Assault. "Yeah, it takes a while for things to set in, so you prolly missed it unknowlingly," he says. "I do the same."

Local Hero

Be sure to check it out. It's a keeper.

Audible: Angel Alanis + Local Hero - "Majik"
Website: Trash Menagerie
MySpace: Local Hero
MySpace: Morgan Louis