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Monday, September 28, 2009

Incyde Kicks Off Hot Flush Podcast Series

I'm not quite sure how old this is (though it is from 2009), but our friend Incyde kicked off the hot flush podcasts with his own mix. He not only runs the label with Scuba, but you can also catch him as a resident of DubWar (NYC) and often putting together and/or playing at Bassic in Boston. He also has a pirate radio show on Sub.FM and writes for Big Up magazine.

I guess you could say he's a busy guy...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dan Alcala Remixes Röyksopp

Dan Alcala has been a busy man. The Boston native is still stationed in New York, and has been working on mixes and remixes for the past several months. He received a lot of feedback for his track "Why So Serious?" which infused parts of The Dark Knight and techno. It was a smash at Make It New when he headlined last summer. Dan recently made a mix with his DJ crew, Rich Unkle Skeleton, which you can grab here. He's also made some strange YouTube videos. You can find just about everything on his MySpace page, but be sure to check out his latest - a remix of Röyksopp's "Tricky Tricky," which once again features Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray, The Knife) on vocals.

Audible: Röyksopp - "Tricky Tricky (Dan Alcala Remix)"
MySpace: Dan Alcala
Website: Dan Alcala

Friday, September 25, 2009

How Was Your Summer?

Make It New had an excellent summer and Basstown returns in October. This time, the party that brought you The Field, Gui Boratto, Lauren Flax, Diplo and others will take place at the Good Life in downtown Boston, providing two floors of complete chaos. Facebook event details can be found here.

In the meantime, Nate (formerly Etan but now Shuttle) has been touring the world with Passion Pit, including a late night television performance on Jimmy Fallon's gig, where they played "The Reeling." (This is the closest I can get to linking, since it seems to have been taken down everywhere around the Internet...). They've been attracting a good amount of press, and Basstown has been brought up here, here and especially here, where the Examiner took time to talk to Nate, specifically.

Make It New recently featured Mark Ingram for the second time, a good friend of the Basstown crew and local Boston DJ who has been making a name for himself. Premiering at the party during August of 2008, he returned as Sleekit last month, and we recorded the night. You can also grab both Baltimoroder and Die Young's opening sets.

Speaking of opening sets, Resident Advisor has a very interesting feature up on the matter. Definitely a worthwhile read for all. Editor Todd Burns also conducted a great interview with Richie Hawtin, but I want to send you that way mostly because of the lulzy photo they accompanied it with. Hang ten!

One other miscellaneous announcement of significance - our lovely Lauren DeVain has moved from Gigolo Records in Berlin over to Sportclub Music, which features a roster boasting the likes of Axel Bartsch, Oddvar, Sian, Alex Niggemann and Gabriel Ananda.