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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Mind's My Kingdom

I have to tell a quick story about Kingdom. Baltimoroder and I were asked to play the ICA and I was there setting up some gear and playing some music to warm myself up, so I decide to play a Kingdom remix [Keyshia Cole - Let it Go (Kingdom's 909 remix) specifically] and who walks not 2 minutes later but Kingdom! Kingdom is from Brooklyn so needless to say it was a surprise to see him at the museum. But I love moments like that, and I think it brought a smile to both of our faces.

Kingdom is doing a twofer with some of the Basstown crew this Friday and Saturday. As a bit of a warm up he will be playing his unique brand of Baltimore club, heartfelt 90s jams and Bassline straight off the CDJs at Solid! with me (sorry ladies Baltimoroder can't make it to this one). Solid! is at Zuzu and starts at 11pm.

Saturday of course he will be at Basstown with the whole line up seen above.

Here are some remixes and edits you can check out:

Rashad - Tell Em What They Wanna Hear (Kingdom Remix)

Krezy Ryan - Get Up (Kingdom extended Remix)
Ben Hill Squad / James Nasty (Kingdom extended remix)
Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Kingdom Remix)
Kingdom - A Milli(freestyle) <--- This is Fire
Kingdom - Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (Bang Riddim) vocal dub (snippet - 160kbps)

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/kkingdomm
Website: http://kkingdomm.com/

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Basstown + Cornerstone collab on a wine tasting series

Tonight, Volvox, Die Young, and Baltimoroder will kick off the four-day Black Swan Presents: It's Pop It's Art series at the Samson Project (450 Harrison Avenue in the South End).

There will be complimentary adult beverages, as well as excellent art on display. Starting at 7 and ending at 10, be sure to RSVP and we'll see you there!

*click image to RSVP*

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pitchfork has its moments...this is one of them

Pitchfork has just released a special news piece revealing the identity of Burial, whose 2007 LP Untrue was a shared favorite amongst Basstown and our close friends. We're thrilled to hear he's coming out with a 12" soon, and in the words of David Day, "BIG UP YOURSELF WILL!"

Maybe now he will play some more gigs, but it's safe to say that won't be happening soon since he simply wants to lay low and continue making gorgeous music. Below is an example of a recent remix of a band we all know well. It has a definite Burial touch.

Audible: Bloc Party - "Where Is Home (Burial Mix)"
Pitchfork: Burial Revealed!
MySpace: Burial

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Booka Shade: Hearthrob Set

A big thank you to everyone that came to Booka Shade at the Middle East. Your continued support means we get to have more of these amazing shows hopefully very soon.

I was lucky enough to grab the audio for Hearthrob's set as well. It raves hard:

Hearthrob at Booka Shade (zshare)

How Do You Level Up?

DJ Volvox has been a resident DJ of Basstown since March of this year, but a friend for much longer. A big supporter of our events, she's made a name for herself in this city and will be heading off to Berlin in early September to return to the motherland of Make It New. This Monday, she's curated a night by herself at the Middlesex Lounge called Level Up. Featuring Brad Rhodes of Providence, who was a main influence on her ever-growing DJ skills and Dev/Null of the Boston scene, Volvox will be joined by friends and "family" to celebrate her unique take on art and techno. Lasers included.

Brad Rhodes///////////////////////////////
AUGUST 4TH///////////////////////

Facebook invite

MySpace: DJ Volvox

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Twolip Magazine relaunches online

A group of four from another corner of the Boston scene have re-emerged with an online publication called Twolip. I came across it months ago when DJ Die Young pointed out an article regarding Paper, and its photographer, Lara Callahan, has been making quite a name for herself all over the city as a talented party photographer. I have never been a huge fan of online magazines, but this is really impressive. In a 55 page spread, a comprehensive guide to fashion (which includes young, local faces) that includes a modern fairytale photoshoot and several photos from LAB in Allston, as well as a cheesy comic, two band interviews, a local party profile, a local DJ interview (Melee), and then a column on politics with a breakdown of what is on the table.

I'm most impressed because it's a product that a younger generation will go to for the visual stimulation, and then be lead into entertaining and educational content in the end. Many heads up to Lara and her crew.

Link'd: Twolip Mag
MySpace: Lara Callahan