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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hawtin & Co. Unleash Twitter DJ App

Say what you will about Traktor, but the software's existence has come a long way in the last decade to push forward the hybrid performance of a DJ and live set. Upgraded and developed over time, the Traktor Pro has been running on its own legs for a while now, and the introduction of a plug-in (of sorts) that is set to revolutionize the relationship of DJ and audience is due.

Enter the Twitter DJ app. Essentially, Traktor communicates what the DJ is playing during his set and transmits it to the public via social media tools that are widely used, updating it every 30 seconds. The best choice for such a platform is Twitter, where even on the dancefloor you can check your incoming "tweets" to tell you exactly what Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Digweed or the many other DJs who use the program are spinning. While this is a great way to further insight on how a DJ builds a set, track by track, from start to finish, the greatest benefit is to give instant credit to the lesser known artists that are being played. "The Twitter DJ application would not only drag the likes of GEMA*, PRS** and SOCAN*** kicking and screaming into the 21st century," says Hawtin, in a press release, "but make sure the real artists get paid instead of performance payments simply being carved up between the Madonnas and U2s of the world."

Richie tested this out last night at a gig in Rotterdam, and I was fortunately already following him on Twitter but didn't realize why I was getting updated tracks until the press release was sent out today. Once this becomes more popular, it could be an excellent tool, but it would be good to stay careful of how many different feeds one subscribes to so that way your Twitter homepage doesn't end up look like nothing more than a Last.fm feed.

Twitter: Richie Hawtin

* a German music publisher's association
these guys
*** a Canadian music publisher's association

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lazersword. I am excite.

Saturday, April 25th

Basstown Presents


Great Scott

with guests

and Residents Die Young & Volvox

9pm - 2am / 21+ / $7

Lazer Sword have been garnering great attention from the likes of XLR8R and other major contenders about their unique blend of electro, dubstep, hip-hop and even new age music. With gigs coming up in New York, Los Angeles, San Francsico and San Diego, their Boston date is a relevant part of their recent popularity.

Pandai'a (Bassic) and Skunk (23 Sound) have been an important part of the Boston underground for some time now, and while Basstown has had the Bassic crew come in and work their magic before, having these two particular talents highlight their own goods is a special treat. Also included is D-Sub from Subliminal Sessions and our residents Die Young and Volvox on the decks.

Free Music:
Tea Leaf Dancers (Low Limit Remix)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Speaking In Code premieres at Somerville Theater this Thursday!

Finally...the wait is over.

For years, Amy Grill and David Day have worked with their savvy cameraman to create what will be the most important film in electronic music. Much like The Ambient Century was to techno via the book industry, Speaking In Code - a full-length documentary - will be a historical part of the musical timeline. Filmed around the world, with strong foci in Boston and Berlin, the movie is a rush of laughter and tears and leaves many with a feeling of catharsis. "That's my story too!" said one at a recent film festival in Boulder. But this Thursday, the Boston premiere will be an epic event considering the close-to-home in both address and heart locations for many of the folks that will be filling up seats at the Somerville Theater. Recognize anyone from the movie poster?

You can view the trailer below, and order your tickets (with no additional charges) online here.

Site: Speaking In Code
Tickets: IFF Boston / Speaking In Code
Facebook: Event Page

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 Deep

GummiHz - Los Los (D'Julz Mix) [Mobilee]
A standout deep down track from Anja Schneiders' Mobilee Records.
This track took a hold of me two weeks ago and still hasn't let go.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Matters & Dunaway Music Video

Social networking is the bane of our culture, but we are all addicted to it. With that major statement aside, a positive aspect is that it allows us to find things as soon as they are posted. Our friends Andre and Tom of the much-loved Boston duo Matters & Dunaway - whom Basstown has booked with The Field's premiere Boston performance (July 2007) and partnered with for other events - finished a music video for "Dystopian Dream," and before they could say "Hey Vicki we made a new vi..." I've already got my pointer hovering over the "Publish Post" button. Gotta love technology.

 Be sure to check out their MySpace to hear more and pick up their latest release.