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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Local Hero : Special Guest At Hearthrob Tonight!

Lovelife Friday. Dreamers Saturday. Hearthrob Tuesday. It's been quite a looong weekend for Local Hero. Visiting from Chicago, where he runs the scene with the kind of power that Hearthrob over has over our fair city, he also manages the Trash Menagerie blog, which is up there with the likes of Discobelle, Missing Toof, and other select places to get the best new originals and remixes.

He's the special guest tonight at Hearthrob, and while we loved the Lauren Flax remix found on the HEARTSREVOLUTION 12" for C.Y.O.A. ("Choose Your Own Adventure"), his mix is incredibly different yet equally as good. It's available below, and we've included a subdued mix of a new Portishead track, "Nylon Smile," which is on P's latest, highly-anticipated LP, Third. The remix goes under the name of Scienticians, which is the collaboration between Local Hero and Angel Alanis from Chicago's Noise/Floor crew. An incredible Hearthrob...in the bag! When Morgan Louis threw out an original of theirs - Majik - everyone went apeshit. We were freaking out about it in early January.

Audible: HEARTSREVOLUTION - C.Y.O.A. (Angel Alanis and Local Hero Rmx)"
Audible: Portishead - Nylon Smile (Scienticians Subdued Rmx)"
MySpace: Local Hero
Blog: Trash Menagerie

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