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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Body by Basstown

Well, look at that. Basstown has started up a t-shirt industry with the shirtshop Spreadshirt. There's a $9.99 white shirt, plus a $15.99 men's black lightweight cotton shirt that reads "TECHNO KILLS" on the back. There's also a ladies shirt that reads "SHMINIMAL" on the back and a fly "techno kills" black hoodie with the logo on the back.

Click on the shirt or here to go shopping.

It's all in good fun, but they are kinda cool looking, with their .eps vector style logo and all. We're hoping to do more in quantity if people find them interesting.

You can wear them to the Techno Kills show or this Thursday at Make It New. You could wear it Friday to Solid! at ZuZu with DJ Die Young. You could wear it Saturday to Meem Dreemz or Tuesday when you see Robyn -- Die Young and Baltimoroder just got added to that bill.

Meem Dreemz is the closing party for ROFLcon, a convention of all the biggest internet memes and meme-makers. The LOLcat people, the Stuff White People Like, Tron Guy, Leeroy Jenkins and every other meesage board master will be at the convention. And, maybe, at the party:

The event is reserved for ROFLcon attendees until 11pm. At that point, Great Scott will open the doors to the public at large.

The last Basstown monthly brought the house down. The Revolution Will Be Feminized brought out a huge crowd ready to get down. Our headliner, Lauren Flax, played a mind-blowing set of classic '90s house and had a message to the music in many ways. The mix cuts off because the whole block ran out of power. Literally.

All the Basstown residents and a few randoms get on the microphone. You can hear the chaos through the needles, the alcohol on the mic and the crowd shaking their troubles away.

Audible: Lauren Flax live at Basstown
MySpace: Basstown Presents
Hype Machine: Basstown

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Lucas said...

I need to get myself to this hodown. Just received some mixes from Mute records by Maps and M83 if you're interested. The Maps remix of M83's tune, We Own the Sky, is pretty sick (hip2besquareDOTnet)