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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DJ Die Young on XLR8R.com!

An old, but much loved photo of Pamela Martinez, founder of Teletextile

"Boston-based DJ Die Young tailors the remix of this track with some delay effects and a strong bass beat, making a nice fit for the dance floor." - XLR8r

Teletextile is an excellent band that came together in Boston, but have since moved to Brooklyn to expand into the full foursome that it is now. With the gorgeous debut of Care Package from last year, our very own DJ Die Young turned it into a breathtaking remix that even XLR8R loves.

Website: XLR8R <3's Heartquake
Audible: Teletextile - "Heartquake"
Audible: Teletextile - "Heartquake (DJ Die Young Remix)"
Website: Teletextile

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