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Friday, April 11, 2008

Hot Chip To Boston, Germany Purifies Their Thoughts

I just noticed that Hot Chip's MySpace is self-classified as "Melodramatic Popular Song." Maybe that's the theme of this year's greatest. So far, I am incredibly impressed by the likes of the new Hot Chip record, as well as the new LP by The Presets, which is a major step from their undeniably brilliant debut, Beams. I think, in Hot Chip's case, "Shake A Fist" was the real first winner, as "Ready For The Floor" was a little difficult to digest at first. Bringing in our eternal love for all things Kompakt, we've included a very interesting take on "One Pure Thought" by Cologne techno mastermind, Michael Mayer. (On a sidenote, I learned from Gui Boratto this week that his entire name is properly pronounced mee-KELL MAH-yur. Didn't have the first name down until then...)

While this Monday is a difficult decision for those going out - Autechre plays the MidEast Down and Hot Chip plays the Paradise - here are a few reasons for leaning towards the pop:

"On the pop side, none are as lovable as the tender-hearted electro of 'Ready for the Floor', in which the band once again finds comfortable middle ground between Alexis Taylor's balladesque vocal and vibrant, electro-pop dressing. Elsewhere, the feelgood 'Touch Too Much' cruises by on a big chorus and some characteristically clattering percussions, while the infectious 'One Pure Thought' opens against a backdrop of gnarled guitar chords and keening synths." - Pitchfork, 7.0 rating

"Everything on this album sounds diversely tremendous. Hot Chip has even attempted to write a few ballads that really work in the format of the album because they give it a depth and substance that truly add to Made in the Dark’s overall scheme." - Delusions Of Adequacy

"This album stands out because of its stadium-worthy aspirations." - Prefix Magazine, 8.0 rating

"It's tough not to admire a band that can work an affection for Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, R. Kelly and WWF icon Jerry "the King" Lawler into a hot club track " - Rolling Stone, 4 out of 5 stars

Audible: Hot Chip - "One Pure Thought"
Audible: Hot Chip - "One Pure Thought (Supermayer Mix)"
MySpace: Hot Chip


debcha said...

Hot Chip has been sold out for months, so unless you have an in (or are willing to brave the scalpers), I'll see you at Autechre.


Well...that kinda sucks that it's sold out. I was hoping to still to get a ticket. Anyways, I was finally able to get a copy of their "Ready for the floor" 12" with their Soulwax Remix.

debcha said...

Actually, Autechre is sold out too. Need to plan ahead in this town!