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Monday, April 7, 2008

We Love Brazil: Gui Boratto & DJ DRI.K @ Great Scott tonight

Today marks an incredible day for Basstown. In the last few months, we've brought in some of our favorite DJs but tonight we bring the sonic architect that made one of our favorite records of last year. Gui Boratto's LP, Chromophobia, is gorgeous as a cohesive whole and with over a handful of select tracks. From our bedrooms to Baltimoroder breaking it out at Make It New all of last year, his popularity amongst Basstown has caught on.

Joining him on the bill is his friend DJ DRI.K from Rio de Janeiro, a talented Brazilian DJ who has opened for him in the past and just had her first US tour last year after premiering at WMC in 2006. One of the great feminine promises of the scene in Rio de Janeiro, DRI.K currently integrates casting of the Titattium in Portugal, UC Bookings in the United States and AgĂȘncia Play, one of the biggest deejays agencies of Brazil. Dri.K never fails to suprise with eclectic and amazing sets, which include tech and electro house. By adding beauty and charisma to her wonderful sets, she is capable of setting the mood in any party.

Audible: Gui Boratto - "Terminal"
Audible: DRI.K opens for Gui Boratto (via Squar3 Productions)
MySpace: DJ DRI.K

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Owen Williams said...

Can you set up your blog to put the mp3 links into "enclosures"? This would let itunes or other podcast software download the audio automatically.