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Monday, March 31, 2008

This Tuesday: A Very Special Hearthrob

Tomorrow night's very special event at Hearthrob is going to bring together many old and new heads. Optimo will headline in Middlesex's small capacity space, and it'll be legendary to say the least. Wilkes & Twitch are the two Scottish gentlemen that started Optimo (Espacio) at the Sub Club in Glasgow over 10 years ago, and hardly book DJs or people that they don't know. Highly selectively, the existence of Optimo as refers to an experience, not just the name of a club night, the DJ duo or a simple moniker.

You may remember the Diplo Pitchfork mix that completely blew up and was heard around the world, but Optimo's Essential Mix is a cake-taker. Enjoy, prepare, and explode.

Audible: Optimo - Pure Mix (old school rave set, expect to hear some of this genius goodness)
Information: How To Kill The DJ
Website: Optimo

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