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Monday, December 3, 2007

We're Future Sailors

We here at the Basstown Headquarters love The Mighty Boosh, a popular British series that's just begun it's 3rd season overseas. The legend of Old Gregg infiltrated viral online YouTube-ing, and quickly became an inside joke amongst all that know and love Greg a.k.a Sensitive Hand a.k.a. the CEO of Hearthrob.

One problem with all of the old 'Boosh eps are those horrid funk musical numbers. Cringe-worthy.

The NEW season, however, has techno up the whazoo.

A personal favorite is from episode 3 - The Crimp - where Vince and Tom are both being bitten off by some not-so-quites. While practicing for a rematch to regain their reputation, they're barged in on while wearing ponchos and and playing:

Also, well, if your humor (or should I say humour?) is not sick and twisted enough, this may disturb you to great lengths. Either way, give it a go...from the kick-off of season 3 of the Mighty Boosh:

Totally ridiculous.

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Michael said...

I love the "Future Sailors" song. It's hilarious.