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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alex Smoke @ Make It New

Alex Smoke. Do you know this name?


Oh jeez.

Well, listen, he's a bloke from Glasgow who accomplishes the great feat of blending his genres of minimal and electro to where their origins are completely indistinguishable. I've always wanted to believe Smoke was actually his last name, but aside from the general unlikelihood of it all, there's also the fact that would be the most befitting surname moniker to go with his music. Lauded on facets around the Electronic Music Interweb, Alex Smoke is a name for those in the know...not the pretentious, coffee table, hipster in the know, but the true in the know. People who love minimal. People who love making something out of almost nothing. People who love the sound of producers that spend hours upon hours toiling over their knobs (the ones on the soundboards, you dirty ape) perfecting their tracks.

Down below is a personal favorite from last year, and perhaps his most well known remix of the moment - that of Junior Boys' gorgeous "In The Morning."

Do not miss him this Thursday at Make It New, hands down the greatest place to go for minimal shit and anything else your non bangers/bass-heavy heart desires. (Consider this the sort of night you can walk around with drinks in martini glasses and not worry about getting anything on your shoes...)

Make It New
Thursdays @ Middlesex Lounge
$5 cover (c'mon, he's from Europe)
315 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Audible: Junior Boys - "In The Morning (Alex Smoke Remix)"
MySpace: Make It New
MySpace: Alex Smoke

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