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Monday, December 10, 2007

Thunderdome Turns 1 (How Much Is That In DJ Years?)

Ooof, last week was a rough one. With the holidays coming close (let's face it, they're here, so start your shopping), this translates to parties parties parties. Nothing put a dent, though, in Hearthrob, which turns the 125-capacity room at Middlesex Lounge into a New Year's Eve party every other Tuesday. You can check out the photos from December 4th, taken by David Day, by clicking on either the above picture, or here

There's quite a lot on the horizon for Basstown in the next 6 months. Our next event will be the one year anniversary of Thunderdome, this coming Friday. After 12 months of throwing one of the most epic parties in this city, Morgan Louis (Hearthrob), DJ Die Young (SOLID!), and Thunderdome founder Mistaker will be joined by the legendary DJ Assault.

For Facebook event, go H E R E
Please click the above photo and RSVP on Going.com
DJ Assault MySpace

This is going to be a blast! Our last Thunderdome was Halloween weekend and it was our first at the Greek American Political Club in Central Square. Now that everyone knows where it is (spitting distance from both the T and Falafel Palace, mmm!), we hope to see all of you there this Friday.


Link: The Field remixes on Crackers United

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