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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making The Noise with Monome 40h

New England-born Adam Ribaudo recently departed the Northeast for warmer territory, but will soon be relocating to Delaware. All the better, too, as this project manager for a software/consulting company by day spends his evenings programming the Monome 40h, which I've had the opportunity to play around with when he was still working on the coding through Jeskola Buzz. Being neither a DJ nor a programmer, it was a bit difficult for me to adjust, but I eventually go the hang of it and didn't want to stop.

By far one of the most interesting pieces in MiDi control technology development, these boards can go way beyond 64 buttons. Going under the moniker Making The Noise, Adam titled the track "YGBM" after what he describes as a geeky sci-fi reference:

Because of this some people believe that humanity will not survive the 21st century without intervention - absolute mind control technology called YGBM (You Gotta' Believe Me). The struggle of some (or one) to implement YGBM against those who would prefer the risk of freedom is the major conflict in this novel. [read more...]

Looking forward to what more Making The Noise - a devoted IDM fan with a wide variety of secular music tastes - has to come, the MP3 is available for download exclusively here on Basstown. Remix away!

Audible: Making The Noise - "YGBM"
MySpace: Making The Noise
Website: Monome 40h
Wiki: Jeskola Buzz


djdieyoung said...

Mom - Can I please have one of these for Xmas? I've been good. It's all I want.


Basstown said...

Define "good" ;)

djdieyoung said...

I haven't been arrested yet? Is that "good" enough?