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Thursday, December 27, 2007

cities that begin with B

i love boston, i think everything in the music scene here is on the up and up, soon the kids will realize that too and became more a part of it (when they are given the chance...cough..f21+...cough). but another city i love is baltimore and i was lucky enough to make it back to my home state to catch a christmas eve's eve show at the talking head in downtown baltimore. the bill had gone through several lineup changes but ended up being fantastic with Devlin and Darko making everyone get down to the dance floor thenNinja Sonik tearing it up from Brooklyn on the Bmore Club tip, then the Death Set completely murdered the crowd with its Wham City influenced punk rock with two drum sets,
and to completely kill it came Spank Rock doing their thing as everyone knows by now.

i've never been to a show like that, the talking head is somewhere on the same size level as a frat house but a little more run down and there is a lot more Natty Bo and Jack. On the first level was the stage and no breathing room, just instant sweat and Mosh Lite, you know the kind where everyone just sways to the point of domino effect, only one or two fights but everyone was pretty much on the "have a good time its the holidays" pill, personally my preferred type of crowd dynamic. the second floor was like a lounge with the music still loud enough to dance but you could still meet people, almost everyone was completely approachable, and the third floor was the green room where there was an opening to a roof where chris devlin was kind enough to let my brother and i relieve ourselves off of.

the interesting part is the shows connections to boston, the current touring drummer of the death set, Joey Skullcowski (sp? haha) was once an asset to the boston scene when he lived here for a few years playing drums for several different songwriters and bands and probably fixed your bike if you ever swung by Cambridge Bikes. He still frequents boston to visit with friends and is one of the nicest people i've ever had the chance to meet. The other major connection is Chris Devlin of Spankrock fame who now lives in Jamaica Plain throwing down at the monthly Shake 'Em Down party at the Milky Way Lounge and sharing his talent with the rest of the city when he isnt playing all over the world with Ronnie Darko and the Spankrock Crew. Chris is also another uncommonly nice person, lets hope he sticks around for awhile.
<---here you find joey of death set being held up by adam levinsky of Passion Pit (another boston phenom)...metaphoric???
special thanks to Savvy for the pictures!!!

heres some (unreleased) stuff for you:
mp3: the death set - zombie (ninja tune records)
mp3: the death set - impossible (etan's optimistic outlook)SORRY STILL WORKIN ON IT
this ninja sonik track had everyone singing along in the club:


Basstown said...

This post rules.

Anonymous said...

You're a jerk for posting those pics of me... The remix sounds dope though. Thanks for doing that. Can't wait to see you again Nate!

Anonymous said...

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