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Friday, November 16, 2007

Choyce Hacks . Live @ The Mobius

Atlanta-based DJ and blogger, Choyce Hacks, is one of the most up-and-coming DJs from the Southeast region. With a hefty set of years DJing vinyl, moving into the digital realm, and keeping up Resonator Magazine, it's amazing that he has time to be such a dedicated programmer by day.

Relocating soon to New York City, Choyce did a live set two days ago for The Mobius - a radio show on WREK (Georgia Tech's radio station), and its one of his best to date. Sometimes leaning on a more rock side (mixing Boys Noize into, say, Rage Against The Machine train of thought). Onward Charles, V.i.c.k.i.'s little blog pet, wrote about him in late January when she briefly entertained the idea of getting into mixing and wanted equipment advice. (Note: She has sinced realized business is her specialty, and would rather spend her money on shoes for the dancefloor, kthnxbai.) Give it a read, but don't forget to give Resonator and this excellent mix a listen!

Choyce Hacks! on The Mobius: 11-14-2007
MySpace: Choyce Hacks!

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