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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

BASS CADETS . Weds @ Shine (free)

It simply has to be in all caps. For the last few weeks, Michael Savant - of the Basstown family - has been queuing up some of the best DJs in the scene to bring you BASS CADETS.

It's loud.
It's FREE.
AND it's 19+.

Beat that.
(go ahead...just try it)

didn't think so!

Did anyone come to the first one? Well, no.
The second? Mhmm...
From thereon in?

...Growing by the week! The biggest wrench is simply that the word hasn't gotten out yet. Solid dance floors, glowing neon walls, and nice bartenders. Shine is going through a crowd transition itself, but it was definitely a fertile ground for many of the early bonds that came to form Basstown. Black Magic, Electro-lyte, and Stereo premiered there in the spring, and we're looking to bring everyone together on a Wednesday night to forget that the weekend may be a bit far...but oh so close.

Be sure to catch Basstown don David Day on the decks, along with Michael and brother Matthew Savant. Other residents will be spinning as well.

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