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Friday, November 9, 2007

Soul Clap : First track available now @ Beatport

Local heroes Soul Clap, which consists of Elyte + Cnyc, are a DJ crew that are often found at Phoenix Landing, but with Boston being such a small city, everyone knows everyone. And every DJ spins just about anywhere. The circuit is growing larger, but in the middle is a nucleus of real talent paired with unique personality. Soul Clap is definitely not to be excluded from that description. Creative, smart, and inventive (different from creative, dammit), they've just released their first track on Beatport, and you can purchase or stream it on the site. It's fucking awesome, start to finish. Let's hear it on the dance floor!

Purchase/Stream: Soul Clap - "Pool Night"
Website: Soul Clap

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E-Heavy said...

thanks for the shouters! we linked u guys up...