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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Basstown + Diplo. Together Forever.

It's been over a week. Actually, it's been two weeks, and because we've all been so busy and stressed, there is a very important track we've been meaning to post. Diplo's set at Great Scott was epic, and the best is actually when you hear him say something to the effect of "Great Scott...man this place is tiny! But I'm going to play here every time I come through Boston." Today this is going up, and so help me god if our server crashes (because this is 154MB, yikes!) I will have to take this down, chop it in half, and put it back up via zShare.

All in all, the event went incredibly well (and for those of us that didn't know how talented DJ Sega is..holy shit! He is the Philly version of Etan, for sure...young, talented, and incredibly nice.), and even a bunch of online drama can't bring us down. Things like that are bound to happen from time to time, but we're just glad that we have the friendships we do, and that people enjoy themselves at our parties.

Anyway, enjoy!

Photos: Nicky Digital
Audible: Diplo @ Great Scott, February 23, 2008
Drama: Boston Trollfest 2k8
MySpace: Diplo

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