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Monday, March 24, 2008

Matters & Dunaway: CD Release + 2 Very Special Remixes

Monday, March 24th
CD Release Show
w/ Plus Move,
Concord Ballet Orchestra Players
Middle East Upstairs
18+ / $8 / 9:30p

Matters & Dunaway is one of the most intriguing bands in Boston. Avid shoegaze fans that have a knack for pop, they've taken the many genres of drone and sped it up. Their music, as it grows with each release, is like its album art - fast, dream-like, and futuristic. Everyone is familiar with photography and film that has low enough shutter speeds to capture the chaos of a nighttime urban landscape in one shot.

Their newest record, Feel The Future, is the step beyond. Their artwork is splashes of yellow and pink, but the progressive songwriting remains intact. Live drums are paired with Tom Gallagher's programming alongside Andre Obin's bass and vocals. Basstown is a big fan of Obin, and recently featured him in the Local Voices column on the blog. This event on March 24th will be a special event to celebrate a new stepping stone on their ascent to musical excellence (it sounds hyperbolic, but you'll just have to take my word for it until you heard the new record).

"Boards of Canada-esque rocktronica, the laptop/bass duo's mostly-instrumental albums have inspired a small, rabid following among electronic music fans and DJs across the country." - Boston Phoenix

"Matters & Dunaway are up to their necks in electronica, but is avery good kind of electronica that brings to mind M83 at times." - PopMatters

"Matters and Dunaway truly distinguish themselves from the bulk of the electronic acts that have purists so squeamish, they are, through andthrough, a live band. And a very good one at that." - Weekly Dig

1. Accent To Ascent
2. Resolution Now!
3. Shot Of Love
4. Control The Night
5. Dystopian Dream

Audible: Matters & Dunaway - "Control The Night (DJ Die Young City Life Remix)"
Audible: Matters & Dunaway - "Shot Of Love (Baltimoroder Baleric Mix)
MySpace: Matters & Dunaway

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