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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Coralcola is Hypnotizing

I love when amazing people send us amazing music. Coralcola from Worcester, MA is one of these people. I am not sure originally how we ended up with his Heath Ledger track, but this Field inspired joint impressed the hell out of all of us. His more subdued remix of Crystal Castles is also included here. This track builds and rides the 4x4 rhythm very sweetly until the very end where the sample gets mashed up, worked over and distorted. Someone's good with their plug-ins...

Coralcola also wanted me to tell you he has an EP coming out and some remixes on the horizon. Let's be on the lookout for this, ya?

Audible: Coralcola - Heath Ledger
Audible: Crystal Castles - She Fell Out (Coralcola Remix)
Myspace: Coralcola

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mkb said...

Coralcola is stalking either last.fm or WZBC's playlist because as soon as I played this, he sent me an email out of the blue with another remix he did.

here it is!