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Friday, September 12, 2008

SIS Answers The SOS

According to Make It New resident Baldur, Ricardo Villalobos has been playing this track by SIS all summer, but finally released it on vinyl. This past Thursday, "Trumpeta" made its premiere at Make It New, and it completely blew us away. At first listen, I thought it might be an Italoboyz track because of their deliverance of variety with opera (Viktor Casanova) and jazz (Bahia), but it is, in fact, the German producer SIS. The tune is highly sought after, but Baldur was able to acquire a 12" and let us indulge in all of its glory. Now, it's your turn.

Audible: SIS - Trumpeta
MySpace: SIS


E-Heavy said...


Jimmy said...

I'm making a little T with my hands for tune.

loudrockmusic said...

into it. remember this one from the tent across the street from tops.