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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Minitek Update: Minitek Promoters Speak

Yep, we're still having Minitek updates. Looking back on previous posts, the coverage is really one big clusterfuck. A lot of the reporting doesn't say much because it was hard to make much of it, but I feel Jenny Tan - 1/2 of the creative foundation of Minimoo, which spawned Minitek - worded herself with a fierce confidence that a female promoter needs to have in today's climate.

By "it," I mean the 1,000+ word statement on the Minitek blog today, which outlines the many problems the festival faced this past weekend in New York City.

The core is here: "[the penn plaza pavillion hotel] had misrepresented their certificate of occupancy (the official document that restricts the amount of people the venue can legally hold). there was no reason to believe that the 38.000sf venue couldn’t hold the people that had paid for weekend passes at the very least. once the police showed up, the manager of the venue was forced to show the “real” certificate of occupancy and as it turned out, the venue didn’t even have one! the one that was eventually shown to the police was from 1963 and claimed an occupancy of only 208 people, but it was long void as the venue had changed their use a few times since the permit was issued more than 40 years ago."

We want to see Minitek happen next year (this includes YOU) and I think giving the promoters a fair chance is worthwhile. If Minitek 2009 aims, fires, and blows its target to pieces, the 2008 series of events will probably go down in history in a much more positive light...it's really not the mistakes you make, but the things you do to rectify them, and if there's anything worth saying about minimal techno promoters in America, well, it is a labor of love.

Full Statement: Apologies Owed...

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