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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

K.atou : First ever Boston appearance, tonight @ Midweek Techno

Tonight, the Athens-born goddess K.atou will be a special guest at Midweek Techno. Calm and collected, her beats are pristine and with the strong feminine touch that is often revered in skilled European females. Soul Clap first saw K.atou outside on the terrace at the Resolut party at Detroit Techno Fest back in May. "She was playing some of the dopest classic house and future techno beats we heard the whole weekend," says Eli. "So we're super psyched to have her coming all the way from Athens via Berlin for her first Boston appearance ever at MIDWEEK TECHNO at Pheonix Landing!"

K.atou started collecting electronic music oriented records at the age of 17, djing at the age of 18, when she played as a guest dj at one of the biggest and most upfront clubs in athens(her home town) Bossa Nostra. Then back to Corfu she continued with frequent parties and a radio show every weekend at Life radio, as well as a series of parties named "Elektro Soundz..". The sessions lasted a year, till she moved to UK due to a university scholarship. London filled her flycase with new sounds and a further view on the dance scene and gave her great feedback on the way back. As soon as she got back she got frequent gigs at cafeina(athens) and later at astron bar (athens-psiri), and monthly night as an after hours party at almodobar,gazi .In UK it seems she found one of the most inspiring friends and formed a team Les Rythmes Minimales along with DJ Fanny G promoting the minimal sound around Greece. Winter 2005 found K.atou (aka katie_m) with another collaboration along with Zero:One (I<3Aki, Minimal London) & Bonzo creating a team called .:MinimalAthens:. Spreading the vibes of minimalism around Athens in several venues..(minimalathens.gr).

In the meantime she performed in different venues in Athen such as: Danza, Factory, Wunderbar, Cafeina, Vanilla, Lithos (Rhodes), Patra, as well as famous Synch festival of contemporary electronic arts on the Red Bull Home Groove stage. In 2006 the NY label Goosehound assigned her as "foreign diplomat". After a trip in US and CAN for music meditating, as she likes to claim, started working on production. First collaboration with Nutown Project found its roof at the respected Berlin based Einmaleins Musik label. She has performed at Animo3 festival Madrid, Macarena club Barcelona, Opera club Cluj, Heat club Oreada, and become as well a member of the London Multivitamins nights family and 2007 will find her between Germany, Belgium, UK, USA, Japan, and many other destinations. K.atou changed her base during 2006 from Athens to London.

P.S. Vicki is particularly thrilled about this because she is Greek and knows absolutely no Greek and female DJs. *faints*

MySpace: K.atou
Facebook: event page

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David Day said...

Greece loves the techno. Check out Klik Records. Good stuff