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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Minitek Update: Mid-Fest Odds & Ends

Minitek Day @ Coney Island . Saturday, 2:30pm

Stopping by Minitek Day on Coney Island, the entry into the area was slow, but the bouncers were much friendlier than last night. Understandable, as no one seemed to have any authority breathing down their necks. I have to admit, being under the impression that much of the staff is being outsourced, everyone I've approached with a question - whether or not they could provide and answer - has been very courteous.

The music was great, and for those that wanted to catch Derek Plaslaiko's set, he was on and off - rotating with the other DJs. While there, I caught up with a local Bostonian about Rebel's post-Pavillion shutdown. Apparently Marco Carola and Paco Osuna - who were slated for the last two slots on last night's bill - showed up at Rebel and went head for head from, roughly, 4am and 8am. "Those two...together...it's the best booking out there," he said.

photo by Chris Carella

Tonight's festivities have been rumored to be moved to Rebel, and then Webster Hall, but as of now there's a confirmed establishment for Minitek Night to Studio B. An excellent choice! Minitek's intentions will most likely be a solid reality tonight. After a food coma following by a nap and strong cup of Greek coffee, it's time to head off the island (Long Island, that is), and head back to the madness. See you there!

MySpace: Marco Carola
MySpace: Paco Osuna
Festival Site: Minitek

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