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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wax & Wade

Back in our sister city, Providence, there are three particular DJs who represent the scene in the country's smallest state. Morgan Louis is one of the leading men of the Hearthrob trio, which is widely popular within the city limits of Boston, but lately the Peppermint Twinz have been gaining exposure. Comprised of Initales A.A. (Alvin Aronson) and Christopher Wade (Chris Sherron), they've teamed up with Morgan to invigorate their new party, Lovelife.

In the past, we've written about Initiales when he came through Boston several times and took us by storm with his exclusive Basstown mix, but we have yet to tell you more about Christopher Wade. Originally from Cleveland, he's just finishing up his junior year at RISD ("riz-dee" for the locals, Rhode Island School of Design for everyone else) as a graphic design major. He often samples his guitars when making tracks, which is something he's been doing since the age of 14. While he's a big fan of shoegaze, his tastes and DJ habits are heavily influenced by 90s UK electronica, which includes Underworld and a variety of releases from Warp Records.

"I have a whole load of songs nobody has heard - less DJ-friendly material," says Wade. "It's more of what I've been doing the past few years besides the remixes and edits. It's more influenced by Cleveland, as a place, which I miss a lot. Things are a bit slower to catch on there than on the East coast. I'm kind of attracted to the out-of-touchness that goes on over there, and it's nice to just go and
not be tainted by trends or fads all the time."

One of these that has just seen the light of day is "Predictions," which is all original sampling and re-sampling of Christopher on guitar. The shoegaze fandom definitely comes out, but the knack for assembling a subtle ambient track with a steady build that gently delivers makes his style stand apart from others. He's also made a video to accompany the song. "You definitely have to be in a certain mood to watch it because it is extremely subtle and meditative," he says, "which is very much how I feel when I made the song and was listening to it over and over again."

Video: "Predictions" by Christopher Wade

Lovelife happens bi-monthly on Fridays at the Local 121, and is a 21+ event. The drink prices will make you smile, and the cover is often less than $5.

Audible: Christopher Wade - "Predictions"
MySpace: Christopher Wade
MySpace: Lovelife Providence

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