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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Drop The Lime : What's Your Percent?!

photo taken with Vicki's crappy iPhone

Thanks to everyone who made this Saturday a success. Considering it was Memorial Day weekend (i.e. the holiday where everyone splits their respective cities for some beachfront action) and we had no opening acts for the event, we had a packed room. With resident DJ Etan currently out of the hemisphere, Volvox and Die Young paired up to give us three hours of incredible mixing, which grew and pulsated into dance-heavy tracks that brought everyone away from the bar and onto the floor. We always knew they were excellent DJs, but seeing them as a tag team for so long was a great experience as well.

As for Drop The Lime, his set was fantastic - so much, in fact, that we recorded the entire thing, and will be posting the MP3 sometime within the next week or so as we did with Lauren Flax's set from The Revolution Will Be Feminized. He played out the bass-heavy mix of Moby's "Alice," as well as a song from his forthcoming LP. "Need2Feel" is a track that you can preview on his MySpace, and the photo above is of Luca in pure bliss, singing his heart out to a crowded room. A peak was when tracks from his second LP, We Never Sleep, made an appearance, and after yelling "Please! Play 'Bella'!" our prayers were answered and the whole room went insane. Below is the song from that album, which is always a climax in his sets. No longer just a DJ, he's a performer on all levels, and we highly encourage you to get your ass to NY for an upcoming Trouble & Bass event.

Audible: Drop The Lime - "Bella"
MySpace: Drop The Lime


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the set!!!

esoter1c said...

so did this set get posted anywhere ?