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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artist To Watch: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary
Tanz Mit Mir
(Toys For Boys Records)

June 2008
distribution by: Neuton

After nearly four years of releases and other activities, Toys For Boys Records is proud to present its second compilation.
After Marcus Vector on the first one, they decided to give the decks to Berlin-based Bloody Mary, one of the leading artists
of the genre. Mary has been touring the world with her impressive DJ skills, setting the crowds on fire from New York to
Mexico to Paris. Mary chose her favorite tracks from the label by Jona, Grinser, Quenum, Sierra_Sam, Marcus Vector, Gerome Sportelli, Jeik, and mixed them with selections from friends' labels. These include Einmaleins, Sender, Contexterrior, Tunningspork, Mobilee, Leena, Upon You, Lessizmore, and others. The result is an escalation of techy, groovy flux of music: the perfect companion for your summer pre- or afterparties. Stay tuned for the release of Tanz Mit Mir. Down below is a recent live mix from Club Treibhaus in Glöwen (between Hamburg + Berlin).

Tracklist for Tanz Mit Mir
01 Miss Fitz, drifting on, Contexterrior
02 Tolga Fidan, our fathers, Vakant
03 Quenum, the four seasons, Toys For Boys
04 Grinser, the knowledge, Toys For Boys
05 Lee Jones & Daniel Dreier, A man, Marco Resmann remix, Upon you
06 Marcus Vector & Lust Addict, drum rollin red, Toys For Boys
07 Phage & Daniel Dreier, static bubbles, highgrade
08 Sierra_Sam & Bloody Mary, Blackjack, Einmaleins
09 Sarah Goldfarb, To be frit, Toys For Boys
10 Agnes & Lee Van Dowski, Radio Graceland, Leena
11 Jona, Dehydrate, Toys For Boys
12 Tom Dazing, Motion Sickness, Toys For Boys
13 Hugo, The Sloop, Tuning Spork
14 Jeik, Liquid, Toys For Boys
15 Pompoelmoessap, 1946 in memory , Lessizmore
16 Mark Broom, You and Me Sierra_Sam remix, Toys For Boys
17 Benno Blom, Red Tuna, Sender
18 Gerome Sportelli, Outfit, Toys For Boys
19 Marcus Vector & Lust addict, We love to be yonce Michal Ho remix, Toys For Boys
20 Sierra_Sam & Bloody Mary, night time, Toys For Boys

Audible: Club Treibhaus live mix, 2008
Label: Toys For Boys
MySpace: Bloody Mary

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