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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

K.atou Offers a New Podcast for Autobrennt, Continues to Reign

Starting out in Athens before moving to Corfu, K.atou is the Greek goddess of the turntables. She's been coming up fast for the last few years, and when we had the pleasure of seeing her for her first time in Boston at Midweek Techno two years ago she played an excellent set. Since then, she's only gotten better and made stronger associations with fierce artists in the underground techno and house scenes that are constantly cross-pollinating and reaching larger and larger audiences.

Utilizing her strong bookings in Greece, she founded collectives that pushed minimal into Athenian nightlife. She's also been doing her own music production for the last few years and had great reception towards her first release in 2007 on Einmaleins Musik. She now lives in Berlin and continues to kick ass, showing up at making everyone smile, whether she's behind the decks or on the dancefloor.

This latest podcast comes from Autobrennt, a NYC-based management/promotion agency that works with the likes of Midweek Techno (you may have heard of them, ya?), Plot (think Midweek Techno...in Miami), MNMLKTCHN, Buddies (Matt Dear + Philip Jung's new monthly) and many others. She's in good hands.

Download: Autobrennt Podcast 008 // K.atou

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