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Thursday, April 15, 2010

CosminTRG @ Matter (London), January 2010

photo by Seze Devres, Bass Mutations 02.13.10

Back in February, Cosmin TRG performed at Bass Mutations as part of the Unsound Festival. He also spoke on the related panel along with Dave Q of Dub War and FaltyDL (Planet Mu), who happens to be playing Dub War in New York tomorrow night with Geoim. More of a 2-stepper with a penchant for house, TRG fit right in alongside Dave Q, Untold and 2562 that Saturday night in Brooklyn dropping techno at times (think Dennis Ferrer's "Hey Hey") within bass-heavy beats.

FWD/Rinse has another party coming up at Matter in London - with over 20 guests on the bill, believe it - and in return they've put up Cosmin's set from January. His discography is small (for now) and his DJ sets are a bit hard to find. On top of that, he lives in Bucharest so he's not hitting the states often enough!

A true original.

CosminTRG - FWD>> + Rinse, January 2010 by matterlondon

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