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Friday, May 1, 2009

Louderbach : Autumn

Opinions are not fact, but it's safe to declare that dark techno + vocals - merging the full-band sound of Joy Division with modern technology - can sometimes be a huge, cheesy disaster.* Fans of Bauhaus, Coil and Richie Hawtin are in good hands in regards to the new Louderbach release. The follow-up to their 2006 LP, Enemy Love, Troy Pierce and vocalist Gibby Miller have collaborated to bring Autumn just in time for summer. Intensely dark but delivered with a brightening crescendo, the album works best as one long mix. Ultimately, that's what it is, but given the song structures the tracks work on their own as well. The opening title track is a bit hard to digest the first time around, with its saturated minor keys and adjusting to the onset of vocals on a minimal techno album. By the time you reach "Notes," however, the album has a steady grip and smooth amalgam of vocals and synths. "So This Is Control" has a gorgeous laid-back attitude. At times, Autumn is the angelic companion to Pan Pot's Pan-O-Rama. While both records are certainly dark, there is a comparable and uplifting tone to many of the minimal/housey tracks on Louderbach's latest.

MySpace: Louderbach


David Day said...

Gibby Miller ran Boston's very successful Start night, fwiw. He also worked at Other Music in Harvard Square for a while, where he fell in love with labels like BPitch and Kompakt.

Go Gibby, go!

Basstown said...

WHAT. You know, I was staring at his photo going "That really looks like Gibby from MakeOutClub."

Hell, I want to do moody vocals for a m-nus artist, plzzzz


coralcola said...

i miss start.

djdieyoung said...

This is now StartChat.

djdieyoung said...

I saw Xiu Xiu at start. They got heckled.

Basstown said...

This whole Gibby-from-MoC-turned-minimal-techno-vocalist transition is still blowing my mind.

Call me, baby.