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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"The Twist (DJ Die Young Dub Edit)"

It's exciting as hell to see talent grow in Basstown. One-time Basstown resident DJ Etan has now become Shuttle and is proceeding to take over the world, while other residents are starting to come into their own as well.

Each one has a unique style. Volvox plays dark bombast, Mistaker plays bumping and wild while DJ Die Young plays with a euphoric bounce. Each Make It New resident also has their own style, but that's a whole nother post.

When I encountered the music of Frightened Rabbit during a news story for the Weekly Dig, it really blew me away. Heartfelt and true, with a lyrical knack that goes right to the brain. In July, they return to the US for a series of gigs that includes the Pitchfork Music Festival.

One song, though, "The Twist," really caught my attention. It sounded like a dance track, and just needed a heavier kick and an extended edit.

Enter Die Young.

An all-around great guy, Jamie's remix style always has a generous upbeat and can really get a crowd riled up. From "In a Big Country" to his work with Dopamine recording artists Hooray For Earth, there's something distinctive about his work.

Here he stamps a beat on Frightened Rabbit's "The Twist," gives it an excellent intro and a rabid arc that would get any informed room completely wild.

"I need human heat!"


Audible: Frightened Rabbit - "The Twist (DJ Die Young Dub Edit)"
Purchase: iTunes - DJ Die Young & Baltimoroder
MySpace: DJ Die Young
MySpace: Frightened Rabbit

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Jay Breitling said...

That FR remix is brilliant.