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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in the Tropics

Man, I really held out as long as I could on all this 'world sounds/live instrumentation' techno and house that's been so popular recently. "No!" I said to myself, "techno should be DARK and COLD and sound like MACHINES!"

But slowly and quietly these tracks have creeped their way into my iTunes playlist in the last few months. Sis' Trompeta really blew the whole thing open for me, and now Steve Lawler is making me go "FUCK YEAH MARACAS"

I blame the Brazilian air I've been breathing for the past week. For my friends in the northeast US, put this track on blast, close your eyes and forget about winter for 11 sweaty minutes.

Steve Lawler - Kalimba
(R&S Records 2008)


Basstown said...
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Basstown said...

Trompeta post here!