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Sunday, December 21, 2008

MDSLKTR remixes: Rustie, Dettmann, Byetone

If we were able to, I'd have put Modeselektor's Happy Birthday! on the Top Ten for 2008 AGAIN (alongside 2007's Chromophobia by Gui Boratto) because the record is so goddamn good. Over the course of this year, some great remixes have surfaced, but nothing compares to the latest release (BPC184) of "Black Block."

The EP includes reworks by Rustie (whom we've just blogged about, and is featured twice in Shuttle's new mix), Marcel Dettmann (who is coming to Make It New on January 8th!), and Byetone, whose 2008 Raster-Noton release Death Of A Typographer was definitely on my top ten for this year.

The "Hiddennsee 2008" mix is MDSLKTR thickening the basslines that were laid out in the LP version, making it more of a peak mix point for the likes of Thunderdome or Trouble & Bass. The Rustie rework is definitely one to get you more acquainted with the young talent's spastic style, and Dettman's calls for some patience in the build-up and pays up tenfold when the track explodes about halfway through. An incredible difference wedged between Rustie and Byetone's reinterpretations...

These are all so well executed that I'd want to post them all up here, but I've got to stick to one. Byetone's remix is so otherwordly, and only contains traces of the untouched version of "Black Block." For those of you on the fence about "Plastic Star" or the entirety of Death Of A Typographer, this track is an incredible mindfuck for your synapses.

Audible: Modeselektor - "The Black Block"
Audible: Modeselektor - "The Black Block (Byetone Remix)"
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