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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tronstep Remixes Available On Phonica + Rough Trade

Basstown's youngest resident, Etan, is a DJ who's coming up at a rapid pace. Since his mother first taught him to sing and pick up tunes here and there on the piano as a wee lad, he's accelerated at drums, can play guitar and piano, and could probably play you a song on the trumpet or saxophone. A bit fan of indie rock, he's brought us more suggestions of local bands and acts than we could have found on our own. Months before Passion Pit hit it big on a local level, Etan was singing their praises. The same goes for La Zen Bee and Plus Move. Well connected in his Berklee circuit, he's one of the most genuine people you'll meet. A definite future rockstar, there's much more to be said for Etan, but we'll start with three incredible remixes.

Purchase: Phonica
Purchase: Rough Trade
Sample: Tronstep - Caribou
Sample: Tronstep - Justice
Sample: Tronstep - Crystal Castles

Photo by Ricardo DeLima

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