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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Local Voices: Ricardo DeLima

For what it's worth, Boston, Josh Wink's music video for "Higher State Of Consciousness" - one of the most mesmerizing and self-serving videos of mid-90s rave hedonism - is up on On Demand. Cutting Edge, methinks. Regardless, the song has reappeared through the filters of ZZT. Named after the computer game, Tiga and Zombie Nation (ALSO a game...NES circa 1990, to be specific. hollur!) have collaborated under the moniker. To my half-surprise, Pitchfork has even gotten on it, and we're happy to take a seat in the back of the bus.

A local artist, best known for his sharp humor and talent-driven photography, best described the song as an alien invasion: "The little dirty secret of anthropology is that evolution produced to successful species of hominids, and when they encountered each other one of those somehow, exterminated and generally p0wn3d the other one. Cro-magnon won, O.G. no doubt. Someday, a extraterrestrial life form will invade this planet and go shock and awe on this party. When that day comes I hope some dark sick shit like ZZT's 'Lower State of Consciousness' is playing throughout it all. Sine and Triangle waves are sequenced and pitched for maximum what-the-fuck-is-this-shit oh-my-god-do-it-again oh-fuck-this-killed-my-sisters-hamster pleasure. Techno Armageddon." - Ricardo DeLima of ISO 74

This track was dropped in the last two weeks by both Baltimoroder at Hearthrob last Tuesday, and Volvox at Black Magic in August. Diplo also uses it towards the end of his highly-praised Pitchfork Mix, which is being globally lauded and includes a track-by-track interview by none other than David Day.

Hoooooooo, how's that for some social web-weaving?

*fans self*

Even the ants are digging it. [Video]

Audible: Josh Wink - "Higher State Of Consciousness"
Audible: ZZT - "Lower State Of Concsciousness"
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