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Monday, February 11, 2008

Basstown Presents: Daft Punk*

*Hahahaha! Yeah right! Read on, please...

Last night's performance of Kanye + DP at the Grammys was actually quite amazing, and also Daft Punk's first ever television performance.

Admittedly, I wasn't all that into the Kanye version. It made me cringe just a tad less than that Jimmy Page/Puff Daddy remake of "Kashmir" (renamed "Come With Me") for the Godzilla soundtrack. In any case, last night's performance proved that Kanye really does live up to his reputation, and Daft Punk are still rocking that Pyramid like it's 2500 B.C.

*writes Kanye on her foot and sticks it in mouth*

Video: Kanye West + Daft Punk @ 2008 Grammy Awards


More details to come in the next post, but Basstown is going to present a very special event along with Vice and the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square - Daft Punk's film, Electrorama. The following day, Hearthrob's Morgan Louis will be our special guest DJ at Make It New, spinning French House. Possible giveaways!

Mark Your Calendars
Film : Wednesday, February 27th (Brattle Theater)
Party : Thursday, February 28th (Middlesex Lounge)

More to come...

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