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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Trentemøller . The Chronicles Of

Many producers start off as DJs. By DJs I mean spinning house parties, spinning bars, spinning dance parties in bars, and then clubs...then maybe festivals. (This is, of course, if everything could be so nice and linear) Somewhere in the middle of this progression, the inventive type will take on the knobs late at night to make his or her own music, moving beyond the task of cultivating mixtapes and creating stylized remixes.

While Denmark-based Anders Trentemøller has released some of his own work amongst his many remixes within his various monikers, last year's release of The Last Resort - a double disc that came out via the respectable Poker Flat - is by far his most original and personal work to date. With it's opening track "Take Me Into Your Skin" the middle luster of "Evil Dub" and all the way through to the chilling close of "Miss You," it's a worthy record to be in anyone's favorite because of its ability to lure you in or tune you out, but all the while being consistently alluring from start to finish.

Next week, Audiomatique will release The Trentemøller Chronicles, which includes Anders' personal favorites of his body of work. The second disc is a collection of his best remixes of other artists, which include Klovn, Ane Trolle, Richard Davis, Mathias Schaffhäuser, The Blacksmoke Organisation, The Knife, Filur, Jokke Ilsøe, Robyn, Sharon Phillips, Tomboy, Moby and Djuma Soundsystem. The best of the lot, despite my endless love for The Knife and Robyn, is "Moan" with Ane Trolle. I sometimes find myself hitting restart after merely 10 seconds into the track, just to hear it again. Bliss. Perfection. Gorgeous. Though his Chronicles will be significant in Trentemøller's growing discography, it's necessary to own The Last Resort as well. You can find them both online at Malden-based Forced Exposure.

Anders is currently touring the US, but Basstown won't be able to bring him around to our neighborhood this time. He'll be at Rebel in NYC with his live band on October 13th (and, uhh, you know Alan Braxe is at Studio B, right?) before he heads back across the Atlantic. All tour dates are here.

Audible: Trentemoller - "Moan feat. Ane Trolle (Trentemoller Remix)"
Wiki: Trentemøller
MySpace: Trentemøller

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