We Are Here. (And So Are You.)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

last nite we were remided of the dangers of modern
electronic production gadgets and their
inability to transplant successfully to a live setting.
turn your speakers up for this one ,
(no really its quiet, i wasnt trying to sound like
don burns of 94.7, LA's trillest smooth jazz)



but yea heres a dude doin it right with the
old modular piece!

MOS-LAB makes some fresh Moog Clones

and if this method of performance seems too laboratorical,
you can always spice things up like the talented Tommy Seebach Band

you have to admire tommy's ability to at least look like
he is having fun while he plays his synth.
theres a cool edit to match a moog cookbook remix of air
using the same footage here
and one that goes to madonna here
and one with chemical brothers here
all are edited uniquely and work very well

nobody looks like theyre having fun playing microkorgs and flash drive samplers.

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