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Sunday, October 21, 2007

french touch in new jersey suburbia

so last nite i played a rock show in the middle of nowhere, new jersey,
somewhere near princeton. the fresh air was worth it alone,
but in these small towns, where there is nothing better to do,
free all ages shows at the local volunteer firehall turn out really well.
the first club/bar gigs i ever got as a dj were hardly gigs,
because i would talk my way into replacing the obligatory ipod
that plays in between bands with my djing instead.
my rationale was that the electronic music that i played would
serve more as a contrast to the rock bands my band tended to gig with,
and in turn make their live performance more of a spectacle than
a comparison to the {insert famous signed band name here}'s recording
which the entire audience was just forced to listen to by the soundguy.
for the past few years ive been gettin away with this but ususally with
the same crowd reaction as the ipod, everyone just talks over it,
goes to the bar, has a smoke. what happened last nite was amazing.

after the bands were finished, a little early at that, while the kids waited
for something to do, someone threw on justice's cross album over
the P.A. while we loaded out. and all these kids who were just headbanging
to indie rock were now freaking out on the dancefloor to french electro.
this was one of the most exciting things ive witnessed in music in awhile.
this is not a new phenomenon but now it has reached
the middle of nowhere. While Justice themselves were about to play in NYC,
in a few hours just a few hundred miles away, these kids were breakin
i asked them, three kids out of the crowd had ever heard of Justice.
im not trying to be pretentious, i was really late to catch the Justice
bus as well.

no huge news story here, its just a very very inspiring/exciting time
for everyone involved in this music today.

be a part of it in boston
this saturday and come out to great scott!!

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