We Are Here. (And So Are You.)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Basstown Official Relaunch .::. Saturday @ Great Scott

DJ Die Young. Photo by Ricardo DeLima

This Saturday, citizens of Basstown will come together to celebrate a thriving community at Great Scott. Resident DJ's Mistaker, Etan, and Die Young will re-introduce themselves to the city of Boston as a driving force behind the always-inspiring times in our nightlife. We have one goal, and it's to bring everyone together. More parties. More friends. More memories. More talent. More incredible music.

We hope to see you there. Brooklyn's Purple Crush, whom I'd had a b0ner for in one of the last blog entries, will be joining us, and those two put on a hell of a good show. Tickets are only $5, so bring your friends and come party with us. There will be a raffle for two tickets to Sinden at the Middlesex Lounge on Monday, October 1st with the Hearthrob DJs.


Audible: Etan - "Basstown Official Relaunch Mixtape"
Legible: Drums And Wires by David Day


David Day said...

what's that one right in front of him? OMD? Flock of Seagulls?

djdieyoung said...

no david, thats an original copy of mad world by tears for fears


David Day said...

noice. dunno that one.