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Monday, September 17, 2007

Bleep + Warp Records = Mega Sale

What a weekend. Let's get into it some other time. Basstown is busy as all hell, but while you're drinking your Monday coffee, peruse the Warp catalogue and remember how nice it was before OiNK and a multitude of torrent sites, when artists actually accrued some of our money for their hard efforts and developed carpel tunnel.

Bleep is having a huge Warp album sale on for all of September, with everything at £4.99 (double albums £5.99). Don't miss this opportunity to explore Warp's legendary and peerless back catalogue! Everything is in high-quality drm-free MP3 format, compatible with iPods/Macs/PC's and phones, with album artwork embedded into every track. You can preview everything there.

Some favorites:

+ Satanstornade - Do you like noise? How about white noise? How about the trippiest shit you'll ever hear this side of the Acid Snake Rainbow? Satanstornade is the result of a collaboration between multidisciplinary artist Russell Haswell and Masami Akita / Merzbow. "The more you're immersed in the chaos tearing around your cranium, the more you submit to it with an almost Zen like calm" (BBC) [go go go]

+ Polygon Window - Surfing On Sine Waves is one of V.i.c.k.i.'s absolute favoritest-est records of all time, particularly of the variety of Richard D. James monikers. Too bad Morgan of Blood Sugar fucking stepped on her CD and broke it in half. So what if it was 9am and we were just leaving the spot to get our asses to bed? An oft-overlooked pinnacle of Aphex Twin's work. A eulogy to the North Cornwall coast - elemental and primal, with jackhammer beats, cavernous echo, and plaintive haunting songs. [go go go]

+ Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi is one of the greatest IDM records (or, well, just "records") of all time. Hands down. Read the Pitchfork review. IF YOU DO NOT OWN THIS THEN I AM NOT YOUR FRIEND! >:-O [go go go] ...no pressure or anything ;)

That's good enough for now. Apparently Bleep will be letting out some more favorites as the month goes on so keep your nuts peeled.

And, sure, your eyes too. Whatever you surf the cyberwaves with.

Happy shopping!

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