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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tales From the Dark Side

Within the last 24 hours, this is the best photo to surface from Saturday night, where half of Basstown got together at a warehouse in one of Brooklyn's most industrial parts to bring DJ Hell in for a very special night of pre-WMC celebration. The party featured two rooms, appropriately titled Heaven and Hell. In the lighter room, Anja Schneider headlined along with Connie, Elon and Jeremy P. Caulfield. The International Gigolo showcase in Hell featured John Selway, Peter Kruder and, of course, DJ Hell. Incredibly well run, the party actually started around 11pm and was still going rather strong in the Hell room while Elon was on for Round 2 by the time Volvox and I packed it in around 9:30am. A total success.

As for video, we're waiting to see what pops up on YouTube as well, but the best to emerge is embedded below. Whether you were there or not, Hell's upcoming album Tufelswerk encompasses the energy of that night, and you can expect to be wowed by the Dominator himself, who has not put out an album since NY Muscle in 2003.

MySpace: DJ Hell

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Jason said...

i love that it feels like 5am in the video and then the camera pans up and you see the sun shining and a nice blue sky